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Store Reviews

1/27/2016 (Yelp)

I love this little Nepalese shop. The owners are so nice and never pushy. The place reminds me of being in Nepal, which is one of my very favorite places in the world. The treasures here are so fun to look through...jewelry, statues, hippy clothes and bags, traditional Nepalese clothing, singing bowls and Tibetan meditation bells and meditation chimes. They also have some of the most truly unique and beautiful goddess statues I've seen.

2/13/16 (Yelp)

This store is full of authentic Himalayan goods.  The owner is from Nepal and still visits family there.  Owner and staff are friendly, but not pushy, know their stock and are happy to answer questions or just tell about an item.  The singing bowls are really very special and the owner demonstrates their various tones with panache.  The shawls, skirts, and blouses are lovely and reasonably priced.  It is an "experience" to shop here -- like stepping deep into another culture and being surrounded by all that is best about it.  Since the November fire on the side street where this shop was originally located, it has moved to the main street.

11/03/14 (Yelp)

This is a little off the main drag but so worth the visit. The store is packed full of all kinds of treasures at reasonable prices. The staff is friendly and helpful without being overbearing. They give you your space while you shop and are always happy to answer questions. The last time I went in the fall they had free hot tea waiting for you just inside the door. I always end up finding something to take home, and can circle the store 3 or 4 times and still find something that I had previously overlooked. I've popped in and out of this store for years, and it never disappoints. It's Berkeley Springs, so you are dealing with older buildings that are often large converted Victorian homes. They creak, they lean and they make for small stores packed floor to ceiling with goods. If that's not your thing; do yourself a favor and stop looking at things to do in Berkeley Springs. This is a store full of Himalayan wares. You know how the pizza place smells like pizza, the indo - spice mart smells like curry, the Mexican joint smells like Mexican food, and the head shop smells like incense? Well this store has its own aroma that your schnoz isn't used to suckin' down its breathin' hole. So if you're THAT person; you know the one who gags walking by a Yankee Candle and performs covert ninja operations to pass thru the perfume section of a department store undetected; then this is not the store for you. It's not overwhelming, and it's certainly not bad, it's simply different, and not everyone likes different.  Parking is limited since this is on a side street, but hey this is in a walkin' town anyway. It's such a fun little store to explore with a pretty cool staff.  If you dig the other specialty shops in Berkeley Springs,  you'll definitely dig this place.

Anna Kekesi Kim  5 star  (Facebook) Fall, 2015

A little gem of a store packed full of beautiful things. Most recently there are tapestries worthy of an art museum with descriptions that rival any gallery. If you are in Berekely Springs look for the Store on Main Street!

Heather Osborne  5 star (Facebook) February, 2015.   

Super friendly owner, many amazing things on every shelf.