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  • Gold Plated Buddha

Gold Plated Buddha

ST 007
105.00 Ounces

Product Description

Our Gold plated bronze Buddha is handcrafted by Nepalese artists using the lost wax process in Kathmandu. The Buddha's Mudra or gesture is called Dhyana (Meditation ) Mudra. The Dhyana mudra is the mudra of meditation, of concentration on the Good law, and of the attainment of spiritual perfection. According to tradition, this mudra derives from the one assumed by the Buddha when meditating under the pipal tree before his Enlightenment. This gesture was also adopted since time immemorial, by yogis during their meditation and concentration exercises. It indicates the perfect balance of thought, rest of the senses, and tranquillity. This mudra is displayed by the fourth Dhyani Buddha Amitabha, also known as Amitayus. By meditating on him, the delusion of attachment becomes the wisdom of discernment. The Dhyana mudra helps mortals achieve this transformation. is also called Samadhi or Yoga Mudra. Both hands are placed on the lap, the right hand on left with fingers fully streached and the palms facing upwards.

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